3 Tips To Handle Your Fall Lawn

Leaf Removal

Fall is a beautiful season that can often bring the home owner a few challenging issues. Whether you do or don’t have trees, here are a few things to consider to keep your lawn looking great!

Tip 1 – Handle all of the leaves!

Reveal your lawn!

Different types of trees lose their leaves at different times of the year. Fall is often a time that most will shed a majority of the leaves. This influx at this time of year can quickly lead to some major lawn issues without proper care and action. Uncontrolled leaf piles can kill your grass, create excessive moisture spots and holes and doesn’t look very nice either. Gathering and moving them will allow for proper collection and removal.

First you should check with your local township to determine how they handle collection. If they don’t handle that directly they may direct you to your trash collector. Some townships require bagging while others may bring a sweeper to collect leaves from the street in front of your home. However if you can collect from the street, here are a few pointers!

If you’re looking at a large amount of leaves to move a fair distance you may want to purchase a few items to assist you with this task. Purchasing a leaf blower (corded or wireless), a tarp, lawn bags and a leaf rake will help tremendously! You can lay a tarp down in an area that doesn’t have leaves. Using tent stakes to hold it down will help if you’re using a leaf blower but you may need to rake onto the tarp to avoid blowing them under it. Collect a majority onto the tarp so the tarp may be pulled to the final destination and unloaded by flipping the tarp. Lawn bags can be filled and compressed several times until the bag is truly at capacity.

If leaf collection is something that you’re unable to handle or simply don’t feel like handling, Lionscape is happy to assist in collecting and removing leaves.

Tip 2 – Mow when you can!

Protect Your Lawn!

The drop in temperature often makes mowing not as much of a consideration as it is in the summer but you want to be sure to not completely neglect the lawn until the winter comes. Often it is best to watch your local weather reporting to find an opportunity where it isn’t too cold to squeeze in a quick lawn mow. It’s always good for your mower to fire up every few weeks to insure that it is functioning properly. Keeping the grass at a good length will help keep it healthy and looking great!

If you need assistance with mowing your lawn, Lionscape is simply a phone call away!

Tip 3 – Protect your outside furnishings!

There may be a few things that can’t handle to lowering temperatures and precipitation that comes with the fall. If you have any outdoor furniture, be sure to prepare that for winter storage. Removing cushions, moving furniture to a garage or shed, bringing potted plants inside are all tasks that you can begin doing in the fall. This is all based on the climate and weather in your area. Here in a link to a very helpful article on how to help protect your plants from frost.

In conclusion, even though fall may bring some additional tasks outside of your home, it is still a beautiful season and can be loved.


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