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To help keep your lawn healthy, lawn aeration will make it easier for your grass and soil underneath to get the nutrients it needs. Lionscape aeration service builds strong grass roots that withstand the York climate. With our special aeration service, your lawn will get the healthy care it deserves and you will continue to be proud of your beautiful lawn. We are the #1 aeration service in York and the surrounding areas. Give us a call for a free quote.

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Make Your Lawn Look its Best

What is Aeration?​

Making sure your lawn always looks its very best can be a challenge and can require special care. Aeration, which is extremely vital to a healthy lawn, allows for air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch. With the help of our Lionscape professionals your grass will get the care it needs with our special aeration system process. Our experienced professionals will eliminate the worry of your grass not getting the nutrients it needs to grow properly.

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Help Your Grass Breathe

Why Aerate?

Green beautiful and healthy grass is always a great appeal to friends and family. So, keeping it aerated is important, especially when having a lawn care professional provide service to it. Aeration to your lawn will give it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy along with providing many other benefits.

Compaction Loosens – Without a proper aeration process by our Lionscape professionals the soil stays compacted, making it hard for the nutrients to reach the roots. 

Prevent Thatch – A professional aeration prevents thatch, which is made up of lawn debris such as dead roots and lawn clippings and can suffocate the grass.

Stop Bugs and Disease From Taking Over – Having your lawn aerated will prevent bugs and disease from killing your grass. If roots cannot get the necessary nutrients, the changing temperatures will weaken them, creating a breeding ground for pests and leaving it susceptible to disease.

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Get Rid of the Grassless Patches

Overseed Your Way to a Healthy Lawn

Are there patches of grass missing in your lawn? Don’t worry our Lionscape professionals can bring your grass back to life with our overseeding process. By spreading grass seeding overtop of the lawn, it allows for homeowners to rejuvenate their already-existing lawn, rather than starting over with new sod. However, the overseeding process depends on the type of grass being seeded, as well as the climate. Our lawn care professionals will restore the beauty of your lawn and leave you satisfied. Give us a call for a free quote.

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No job is too big or small. Our team of professionals have over 35 years of experience and we will provide you with the best lawn care service.

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