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Dead Grass? Bare Spots? Need A New Lawn?

Making lawns look amazing is what we do. This is why once you call us we will take pride in helping you every step of the way. From the time your appointment is made until our lawn installation professionals arrive, we will work to exceed your expectations. Once our lawn installation professionals arrive they will prep your lawn by:

  • Removing weeds, existing grass and debris
  • Providing ground treatment (tilling or grading)
  • Add fresh, nutrient-rich top soil if needed depending on sod or from seed
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York Lawn Installation Service

Protect Your Lawn

Don't Get Dirty

Don’t get yourself dirty trying to lay sod. If you have never laid sod before you could be in for a very long day working on a very dirty task. If the roots are not able to make direct contact with the soil after you have laid the sod, the root system may be hard to form. With the help of our Lionscape professionals, you do not  have to worry about spending the day trying to lay your sod right or  getting dirty.

Only Trust The Experts!

We Provide Awesome Service For Lawn & Landscaping

Embrace the Beauty of Your Lawn

My Sod Benefits

Having fresh laid sod on your lawn by our Lionscape professionals will give you the benefit of enjoying your beautiful green lawn even more along with many other benefits.

Instant Lawn Produced – Our Lionscape professionals will lay your sod and have your yard ready for GUESTS after two weeks. “Get ready for your new sod”, Getting sod for your gorgeous new lawn needs prep….

Denser Lawn – Sodding makes for a lusher lawn.

Prevents Soil Erosion – Sod controls dust,  mud, and erosion, which eliminates the worry of your lawn being unhealthy.

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#1 Sod Installation Professionals

Get Ready For Your New Sod

Getting ready for a new look on the exterior of your home can be exciting. Getting new sod for you gorgeous new grass needs preparation so that your lawn can look great after the lawn installation process. So, our lawn installation professionals will install your lawn and relieve the stress and worry of having to prepare the sod. To get ready for your new lawn, we will:
  • Pick up roots, lawn debris and stones larger than a quarter 
  • Rake to level off ridges and high spots, making the soil as smooth as possible
  • Assess the area and make sure it is ready for installation

Why Choose us

What Makes Lionscape The Right Choice?

No job is too big or small. Our team of professionals have over 35 years of experience and we will provide you with the best lawn care service.

Friendly service and professionalism is what you will receive from our team of professionals from the beginning until the end.

Our family owned company lives by core values and a desire for customer satisfaction.

Ask about our available plant & tree warranties to protect your most valuable landscape accents.

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Only Trust The Experts!

We Provide Awesome Service For Lawn & Landscaping

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